Job Markets Australia 2020-2021

Welcome to the Job Markets Australia online database, 2020-2021 issue.



The online database remains the standard and largest source of well-researched, systematic information on occupational labour markets in Australia.

It provides a wealth of statistical, evaluative and reference data for over 1,000 occupations, and includes detailed information about employment impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 recession.

Most importantly, the methodology ensures that the earnings statistics are reliable measures of market-rate income by age and occupation and that the other statistics reflect best practice principles in occupational research.

The powerful Query functions lets you search on 15 information fields, alone or in combination. This identifies immediately which occupations meet your search criteria.

The content and sources are explained in the Information Paper found in Sources on the toolbar.


Quick Facts

/portal/jma/images/info.png What’s a Report cost

It’s $12 for each Job in the Report.

/portal/jma/images/info.png Is there a tax invoice

Yes, when you pay by PayPal the name and address details held for the PayPal account are included in a tax invoice with the amount paid. It will have all necessary information for Yorkcross Pty Ltd, the company operating this website.

/portal/jma/images/greenTick.pngCheck FAQs in the Toolbar for answers to other popular questions.


Using Job Markets Australia

Report Builder

In a few easy steps you can have your occupational Report.

  1. To get started Click the Create Report button above.
  2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Type in the full or part title of the occupation/s of interest, and click Find Job/s.
  4. Then tick the right boxes and click Add Job/s.
  5. Use the Query function to search for suitable occupations, and then follow the same steps as for the Find function.
  6. Follow the PayPal or PrePaid paths to produce your Report, as well as a tax invoice for PayPal payments

NEW ! COVID 19 Impact Analysis

Click open “COVID 19” on the toolbar for new COVID-19 statistics on jobs and wages and an assessment paper on the impact on employment of the coronavirus and the 2020 recession.