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About is operated by Yorkcross Pty Ltd. The statistical and other data and information in the website’s database have been produced by Rodney Stinson, in whom copyright ownership is vested. They are put forward in good faith as a fair and reasonable guide to the subjects included in the online database. The 2020-2021 issue is the current issue, and the earnings figures are as at August, 2019. The updating earnings statistics for August, 2020 become available in early 2021; the lag is due to their compilation and validation by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The other statistics, data and information in the online database are brought together from the sources described on the Sources page and in the Information Paper downloaded from that page.

Archangel® Job Markets Australia is the full name of the Job Markets Australia database, which was launched as a CD/desktop program in 1999 and went online in 2004. The 2020-2021 issue of the online database is the 21st issue in the series.

The Job Markets Australia online database provides essential statistics and other data and information for use by professionals preparing reports for litigated cases, workers compensation matters, and other contested issues where earnings and labour market considerations are of crucial importance. The Job Markets Australia database has also been designed to assist individuals, organizations and others to make informed decisions with respect to preparing for, and participating in, the labour market.

Before they finalize their reports and recommendations, and certainly before decisions are made and acted on, Yorkcross Pty Ltd and Rodney Stinson would advise individuals, organizations and other users of the database to confirm from other sources and authorities the relevance and accuracy of the assessments, analysis and ratings contained in the Job Markets Australia database.

The approach and the principles underlying Rodney Stinson’s research and analysis for the Job Markets Australia database are essentially the same as those he utilizes when he prepares reports in his consultancy, Yorkcross Pty Ltd. These reports are requested by law firms and insurance companies, among others, in order to determine the employment opportunities for a particular worker, specific occupations, or this or that region. The findings help to document what past or future economic loss, if any, may have resulted from an individual’s inability to work due to an accident or similar mishap, either in their former occupation or in other occupations, as well as the fields having the best potential for re-training and possible future employment.

To ensure these reports are soundly based, convincing and defendable in litigated matters in the Court system, Rodney Stinson originally devised in-house databases, some of which were later subsumed in the Job Markets and Job Prospects series. In view of his labour market expertise, Rodney Stinson is called on to give expert testimony on "the labour market" in Court proceedings.

The new online database, with its pay-per-report arrangement, was launched in July, 2013. Payment is via PayPal™ or through a Pre-Paid account.

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