Job Markets Australia 2019-2020

Historial Earnings

Average weekly full-time earnings for 2017 and earlier years in the Job Markets Australia series are available from the website.


The website also has average weekly full-time earnings for the longer-running What Jobs Pay series. Earnings statistics are available for most years between 1988 and 2000 and every year from 2001.


The combined What Jobs Pay and Job Markets Australia series provide the most detailed current and historical full-time earnings in Australia. These have been produced using the same methodology and time-series, thereby ensuring consistency within a given year, between years and over time.


The combined series includes the 1,000 ANZSCO occupations and all major, minor and unit groups in the ANZSCO Dictionary, as well as extra age details. The fullest amount of occupational and age details are included from the source files held by Yorkcross Pty ltd.